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Join the Backgammon Live revolution! Take on players from around the world in real time and feel Feel the rush of excitement as you take on challengers from across the world in the #1 backgammon game. Play in real time and feel the rush of excitement with every roll of the dice.

Unlock new boards, coin rewards and special items as you put your skills to the test. It’s time to see if you have what it takes to become a backgammon master!

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We’ve put a new spin on an old classic to give you an exciting backgammon experience that you won’t find anywhere else! Get coins, level up and unlock new boards and special dice! There’s never a dull moment with 4 unique game modes:
Classic 1-on-1: Play to win on any of our themed boards!
Tournaments: Take on up to 8 opponents for coin prizes and glory!
Nitro: You’ll need to think quick to succeed in this fast-paced game mode!
Race: Test your skills by completing challenging scenarios!

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Take the fun with you on the go with Backgammon Live mobile! All of the action from the top backgammon game on Facebook is now at your fingertips! Roll the dice and play anywhere, anytime with Backgammon Live on your iOS or Android device!

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How to Play Backgammon Online – A Complete Guide

How to Play Backgammon Online – A Complete Guide

Many people don’t realize that backgammon is one of the world’s oldest two-player games. How could any one game withstand 5,000 years of world history? The answer is simple: backgammon is the most balanced, most fun, and most satisfyingly competitive board game to win on the face of the planet. Unfortunately, many people have never experienced the entrancing gameplay of backgammon, mostly due to the game being incorrectly labeled as being ‘old-fashioned’ or too challenging.

Once you understand the rules, gameplay, and strategy of how to play and win in backgammon, you’ll understand how it has endured through 50 centuries of progress.

While backgammon has fallen out of vogue in recent decades, there has always been a loyal and enthusiastic fanbase. The unfortunate truth is that there really isn’t any one good reason why playing backgammon live online has taken a back seat to other board games. The great news is that backgammon is primed and ready for a huge comeback! First things first, let’s take a took at the basic gameplay and set-up.

Object of the Game

The main objective of backgammon is simple enough: remove all your checkers from the board and win the game. This is also known as ‘bearing off,’ which we’ll discuss in further detail later. No score to keep, it’s all or nothing. Two men enter to have a match, one man leaves victorious.

Review of Essential Terminology


In backgammon games, checkers are the game pieces which move around the game board. Checkers are traditionally divided into a white side and a black side (though this can sometimes be brown, as well)

Hitting (opponent’s checker)

When you play backgammon online free against people, or even against the computer, hitting is the act of removing your opponent’s checker from a point, and placing it on the bar. To perform a hit, you must land on a blot containing only one of your opponent’s checker pieces. Once you land on the point, you can remove your opponent’s checker and place it on the bar.

Entering (from the bar)

Once a checker piece is added to the bar in internet backgammon, it must re-enter the board, starting from your opponent’s home board, regardless of where it was before it was hit. Players must enter all their checkers from the bar before they can make any other moves toward a win. Enter movements can only be made on to open points, meaning points with no other pieces.

Bearing off

Once a player has moved all his checkers to his home board, and only then, can he start bearing off, or removing his pieces from the board in order to win the game. To bear off a piece, players roll a pair of dice. Players then chose piece which is on the point that corresponds to the dice value. For example, rolling a 6 allows the player to remove a checker from the 6 point. If a player rolls a 3, they can remove a piece from the 3 point, or if there are no pieces on the 3 point, they can remove a checker from the next highest-point where one resides.

Rolling a double

Doubling allows you to move four times instead of twice.


Free backgammon games allow you to stack checkers when it is unclear which point they belong to, for example, when a point is too full. Stacking doesn’t have any real effect on the game other than better organizing the pieces.


When playing 2 player backgammon online, an ace-point is terminology used to describe when you’re anchored on the opponent’s one point in an attempt to block the opponent from bearing off.

Gammoned vs. backgammoned

A gammon occurs when the loser of the game has not borne off any of their checkers. When a player gammons, they lose twice the value of the doubling cube, rather than the standard loss. Of course, winning is always the preferred outcome.

Opening Arrangement of Checkers

When you look at a backgammon board, the first thing you’ll probably notice are the narrow triangles that shoot nearly halfway across the board. These single triangles are called ‘points.’ There are 24 points on each game board, divided into four quadrants containing six points each.

When you’re setting up a new game of backgammon, the checkers are positioned in the following order:

• 2 checkers are placed on point 24

• 5 checkers are placed on point 13

• 3 checkers are placed on point 8

• 5 checkers are placed on point 6

To set up the rest of the board, all you have to do is mirror both sides of the board. For example, your opponent should have 2 checkers on point 1, since you have 2 on point 24.

Checkers Movement

Whether you’re playing backgammon live or backgammon free online, the game is played that checker movements always move in only one direction. Your opponent will always move their checkers in the opposite direction than you move yours.

The first step of your move is always to roll the dice. The numbers on the dices will guide you on how many positions your checkers can move. Let’s say you rolled a 2 and a 3. This means that you’ll be able to either move a single checker two spots, and another checker three spots, or that you can move one checker 5 spots. The only catch is that you must use up all your movements. You can’t decide to move one checker 1 spot and the other checker four spots.

Once you have determined how many spots you can move, it’s time to do some moving. There are a few rules that must be followed when you’re moving your backgammon checkers.

A checker is only permitted to move to an open position. Open positions are points that aren’t already taken by two or more of your opponent’s checkers. If there are no open positions, then the player cannot move.

• If you roll a double, for example, a pair of fours, you’re allowed to move a total of four rolls instead of only two. So, a pair of fours translates to a total of 16 movements.

• If a player only has one checker on a given point, this opens them up to being ‘hit.’ When another player lands on a point that contains only one of your checkers, that checker is removed from the point and put on the bar, which is the separator that runs down the middle of the board. The ‘hit’ player cannot make any other moves until their checkers is off the bar and back to the playing board.

Backgammon Game Strategy & Rules

Even though playing free online backgammon relies, to a degree, on luck or chance, it is primarily a game of skill and strategy. Here are some strategies to keep in mind:

  • Try to make sure that all your points contain at least two of your checkers. This will ensure that you can’t be hit.
  • Hit your opponent’s pieces off the board as much as possible.
  • Try to keep two pieces on each point in your home board. This will make it difficult for your opponent to enter their hit pieces back into the game.
  • If you’re feeling particularly feisty you can leave a few of your checkers back and try to knock the opponent off the board as they make a mad dash around the board.

Playing backgammon online games can sometimes be very misunderstood, mostly due to the labels and stigma that have been associated with the game. Backgammon has modernized to the point where you can even download a backgammon app for your phone and play it on the go. It’s time for the backgammon board game to have a major comeback. We highly recommend giving it a try!

FAQ about Backgammon Live – The Best Online Backgammon Game

What kind of dice to you use?

Our dice are rolled through a Random Number Generator (RNG) mechanism, which means that each roll of the dice is completely random, like rolling real dice with your hand.

What are the coins, how to use them & how to get them?

Coins have different uses on Backgammon Live. First of all, you’ll need coins to play any of our games – 1-on-1, tournaments, mini-games and challenges. How many coins you’ll need? That will depend on the various boards and game modes. Coins are also used to purchase virtual items like specialty dice and shakers.

You can get coins by buying them with actual money or winning them in variety of ways during the play through bonuses (daily spin & hourly collect). You can also get coins on our Fan Page on Facebook.

What are Experience Points (XPs)?

You earn XPs when you win a game, when rolling doubles, when you put your opponent’s checker on the bar and more. Also, the higher the bet you playing at the more XPs you’ll earn.

Earning a certain amount of XPs will unlock new boards, game modes, virtual items and more.

XPs info can be found at the top right corner of the game lobby, next to your pic or avatar.

What are the different bonuses you offer?

Welcome Bonus: Given to every new player to help them get started.

Daily Bonus: Given to all players each day they are logged into the game.

Hourly Collect Bonus: Given in addition to the daily bonus; players can collect up to 5 hourly bonuses a day.

Facebook Connect Bonus: Given to mobile players for connecting with their Facebook account. Our Facebook fan page is the main channel for bonuses, giveaways and promotions.

What are the different game modes?

Backgammon Blitz: Fast-paced game, 20 seconds per play

Custom Boards: Pieces are set in non-standard formations

Tournaments: Backgammon Multiplayer games - 4-player & 8-player. You’ll need to pay an entry fee instead of a bet. The champ gets all the winnings.