Games that Challenge the World Contest!

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Multiplayer Contest

Contest deadline extended to April 15 2011!

The 2nd Games that Challenge the World Multiplayer Contest has come to a close!


Thank you to all of the developers who have submitted games. We are reviewing all the entries and will be getting in touch with each individual developer to confirm submissions.
All of the games and the winners will be announced shortly! Stay tuned.
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The 2nd Games that Challenge the World Contest!

Come2Play and the Flash Game Developers Group are launching the 2nd Games that Challenge the World Contest for multiplayer games built using the Come2Play multiplayer API. Cash prizes totaling $10,000 will be awarded to contest winners!  


1st Place - $5,000
2nd Place - $3,000
3rd Place - $1,250
4th Place - $750

Contest Genre & Judging:

The contest genre is "Casual Games." Games will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Multiplayer playability for new and return players
  • Replay ability of the game
  • Design, sound and effects
  • Concept and execution

View the winners of the 1st Games that Challenge the World Contest.


All games must be integrated with the Come2Play multiplayer API in order to be officially accepted into the contest. All games must be submitted by April 15th, 2011 at 23:59 est. Games submitted on this date must be the final version of all games.

Your game must be uploaded to Come2Play and you must notify us of your submission with the game ID # through email:




What you get

AS3 Multiplayer API:

  • No additional coding languages needed. Just plug and play using our AS3 Multiplayer API.
  • Check out the multiplayer API
  • Upload and test your game on our live servers


  • Come2Play will supply support, resources and hosting to help you get your game live and make it a success.
  • Social features like lobbies, leaderboards and chat are automatically built around your game.
  • Come2Play platform is built for quick tournaments, letting players come back often to get addicted and to continue playing your game


Your game will be launched on the Come2Play gaming platform. Games will be available on over 5,000 publisher sites including Facebook, Myspace, Orkut, game portals, toolbars, and chat services. Top games will be launched as their own Facebook application.


Additional points:

  • Games entered into the competition do not have to be exclusive. Pre-released games are welcomed.
  • You can retrofit an old game that has already been published and released.
  • If there are any issues with your games original sponsors, contact us to see if we can work something out.


Additional Revenue

We are interested in purchasing the multiplayer IP rights to games that win the contest. This will be discussed with game developers after the contest has ended. Prize money does not hinge on acceptance of the Come2Play offer for the multiplayer IP.

Game Development Tips:

How to convert a game to multiplayer
A lot of people run into problems with converting their single player game to multiplayer or creating a simple multiplayer game. There are a lot of single player games genres that are incredibly addicting that don’t exists anywhere in multiplayer format. We encourage you to look for successful single player games and convert them to a multiplayer format.

How best to create a multiplayer game
Here are several methods to take single player game and make it work in a mutliplayer format:

  • First person to complete a level wins
  • First person to reach a certain score wins
  • Show game boards side by side to both players playing.
  • Have power ups in one players side of the screen and give them the ability to effect the other players
  • Have rounds. The player who does the best over several rounds win